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Personal Counselling
Sound listening plays an important role in personal counselling
Yoga Nidra
Most of the time we sleep, This technique is to touch the source while you are in yoga Nidra
No Mind state is the deepest state when it comes to Meditation
to Face
Head region is a powerful region in the entire body. This technique is all about activating that region with awareness
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Why Choose Us
Our motive is to spread happiness all over the world through Personal/Empathy Counselling & Therapy. Personal/Empathy counselling is our unique ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

We are all ONE, We see everyone as our self,
We are just a mirror.

There is no separation, Separation is suffering and Unity is Happiness. Life is Abundance.

Our main approach is to celebrate life and love life by a natural and easy way. Talk to you about the importance of confidentiality (limitations, privacy)
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